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June, 2021


More Than 2,000 Royal Caribbean Crew Members Vaccinated in One Day

A few weeks ago, a press release came out that 2,000 Royal Caribbean employees had been vaccinated against the H1N1 virus, a strain of swine flu which has gained international attention. However, a number of people were left scratching their heads, asking themselves why the vast majority of the company’s employees had been vaccinated, but not their supervisors.  As it turns out, the reason Royal Caribbean’s crew isn’t vaccinated against H1N1 is because they’re not employees. During a routine medical examination, more than 2,000 Royal Caribbean employees in the United StatesRead More

Six Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships to Restart in July and August From the US

Big news from Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCCL) can hardly be kept under wraps, and the news is no exception. The cruising line, which is based in Miami, announced today that it will receive its six newest ships from shipyards in St. John’s, Newfoundland in July and August this year. As we all know, the cruising world is very competitive. Over the past decade, there have been many new cruise lines that have emerged to challenge the more established lines. One big factor in this competition, aside from price, is theRead More

It’s Still Early But Avanti and USTOA Are Optimistic About Europe Bookings

Avanti and USTOA are the names of two companies that are producing a new way to travel. They are starting out in the UK, but plans are to expand to other countries. It’s early days yet but it looks like the UK and US are going to book well their European destinations for the summer. The UK is on course to be the busiest UK holiday destination in 2016. The annual growth rate has been running at around 6% for the last few years and the current booking rate isRead More

How To Know If You’re Eligible For Chase Sapphire Preferred 100,000 Point Bonus?

Before you apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, you need to make sure that you are eligible for the 100,000 point sign-up bonus. If you don’t meet the new requirements, you won’t be able to get the bonus. There’s no doubt that the Chase Sapphire Preferred has been a world-renowned travel card for a while, and as a new cardmember, you can get a signup bonus worth 100,000 points. But how do you know if you are eligible for this bonus? Read this post and find out. Beechwood ChaseRead More

12 Countries Using EU’s Digital COVID Certificate, 16 More Ready To Go

Digital Certificates of Origin, or COVIDs, are a document that indicates a product has been made using a specific piece of technology or process. The COVID is used by governments to enforce intellectual property rights, and is also used by companies to enable the movement of products from one country to another. In this article we will look at the 12 countries that are using the COVID certificate, as well as 16 more that are ready to use the certificate. With the help of COVID, a program that certifies theRead More

Which Norwegian Cruise Line Ships are Restarting Operations?

If you’ve ever been on a cruise with Norwegian, you know that their ships are some of the biggest and best in the travel industry. The American flagged Norwegian cruise ships are among the biggest and best in the industry, with the largest ships in the industry, in terms of passenger capacity, and the newest ones are some of the most well-known ships in the industry. While most cruise lines aren’t as well-known as Norwegian, the ones that are, have some of the best, and some of the most popularRead More

Cruise Radio News Briefs | Week of June 6, 2021

The cruise radio news briefs for week of June 6, 2021 include interviews with: The captain of Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas who is on the maiden voyage from Norfolk, VA to Shanghai, China. The cruise director of Disney’s Magic of the Seas who is on the maiden voyage from Orlando, FL to New York, NY. The captain of Celebrity Cruises’ Seven Seas Mariner from Tampa, FL to Miami, FL. The cruise director of Carnival’s Valor from Norfolk, VA to Shanghai, China. The cruise director of Norwegian’s Norwegian JadeRead More

Royal Caribbean President Clarifies the Cruise Line’s Vaccine Policy

Royal Caribbean Cruises has added a new offering to its list of offerings this year, and it’s a happy addition to its usual fare. The cruise line is launching its first vaccine-free cruise, sailing the Caribbean, from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas, with stops in St. Thomas and St. Martin. Royal Caribbean Cruises has a problem — one that threatens to leave hundreds of thousands of passengers feeling fearful. Earlier this year, news broke that the line had changed its policy on who can be vaccinated for the flu. ForRead More

Harrah’s Las Vegas Unveils New Look, Amenities After $200 Million Renovation

Harrah’s Las Vegas is a resort that is located in the United States. It was opened in the year 1955 and it is situated in the state of Nevada. The resort is situated on the Las Vegas Strip and it is the largest casino in the country. It has a total area of 52 acres and it has three main towers. The resort offers a wide variety of amenities including restaurants, rooms, and other various facilities. Harrah’s is also known for providing excellent services to its patrons. Even the bathroomsRead More

Portugal Soon To Reopen To Vaccinated US Tourists

A new bill recently passed by Portugal’s parliament that will modify a law that was put into place back in 2006. The vaccination law stipulates that foreign visitors coming to Portugal will only be allowed to enter the country with a full set of vaccinations. Previously, visitors were allowed to enter Portugal with a single vaccination, but this new law will require travelers to have their shots before they cross the border. The Zika virus outbreak, which has affected thousands in Latin America and the Caribbean, has continued to spread,Read More