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Hawaii To Eliminate COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Vaccinated Travelers

The state of Hawaii will require all international travelers to be vaccinated against hepatitis A before they can board an airplane or ship. The state will no longer require that individuals show proof of vaccination prior to traveling, as it had prior to the enactment of Hawaii’s COVID-19 law in 2016. It’s great that the state of Hawaii is eliminating requirements for travelers who have been vaccinated against most of the leading infectious diseases with a novel and less invasive “cold chain” approach to prevent outbreaks and save lives. InRead More

12 Countries Using EU’s Digital COVID Certificate, 16 More Ready To Go

Digital Certificates of Origin, or COVIDs, are a document that indicates a product has been made using a specific piece of technology or process. The COVID is used by governments to enforce intellectual property rights, and is also used by companies to enable the movement of products from one country to another. In this article we will look at the 12 countries that are using the COVID certificate, as well as 16 more that are ready to use the certificate. With the help of COVID, a program that certifies theRead More

Portugal Soon To Reopen To Vaccinated US Tourists

A new bill recently passed by Portugal’s parliament that will modify a law that was put into place back in 2006. The vaccination law stipulates that foreign visitors coming to Portugal will only be allowed to enter the country with a full set of vaccinations. Previously, visitors were allowed to enter Portugal with a single vaccination, but this new law will require travelers to have their shots before they cross the border. The Zika virus outbreak, which has affected thousands in Latin America and the Caribbean, has continued to spread,Read More