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Hawaii To Eliminate COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Vaccinated Travelers

The state of Hawaii will require all international travelers to be vaccinated against hepatitis A before they can board an airplane or ship. The state will no longer require that individuals show proof of vaccination prior to traveling, as it had prior to the enactment of Hawaii’s COVID-19 law in 2016. It’s great that the state of Hawaii is eliminating requirements for travelers who have been vaccinated against most of the leading infectious diseases with a novel and less invasive “cold chain” approach to prevent outbreaks and save lives. InRead More

Two Women Ejected From Hawaii, Sent To Los Angeles To Get New Negative Covid-19 Tests

Two women in Hawaii were reportedly thrown from a plane after they tested positive for the Zika virus, according to The Associated Press. The women, who are from South Korea, were killed when their plane crashed in Mexico on Friday. Preliminary results from their blood tests showed they also had the Zika virus. As if flying on a Hawaiian Airlines flight with a toddler weren’t enough, two women are suing the airline after they were ejected from a plane landing in Los Angeles for no apparent reason. This story isRead More