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Carnival’s New Mardi Gras Cruise Ship Arrives in Port Canaveral

Carnival International’s newest ship, the Carnival Magic, arrived in port this morning in its homeport of Tampa, Florida. The ship is on its first-ever world cruise, and is making its way to its first destination, Port Canaveral, where it will begin its 15 night/16-day world cruise. Carnival Corporation’s newest Mardi Gras Cruise Ship Carnival Triumph has arrived at Port Canaveral, Florida, and its passengers can now board the ship for their journey to the Carnival Magic for a two-night Caribbean cruise. The Carnival Triumph, a 3,800-passenger luxury ship, will departRead More

New “Rich Versus Poor” Attack On Credit Cards Wants To Tax Rewards

In an effort to raise revenue for the state, a bill now popping up in the California State Legislature would tax all credit card rewards, including travel. The bill, Senate Bill 839, would also tax the value of airline and car rental points. This would hurt everyone, from consumers to the travel industry, but it would hit the hardest for those who work hard for their rewards. A new attack on a popular type of credit card is underway, targeting the rewards that cardholders earn. The proposed rules would moderateRead More